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King Street, Toronto

Come on in. FLATPARK is an 11 square metre (120 square foot) outdoor public living unit the size of a parking space. As private living spaces in Toronto become more restricted and the city continues to densify, there will be increasing pressure on public space. FLATPARK is a question posed: how much private and public space for urban living is enough?

True to its name, FLATPARK is fabricated off-site, shipped to its address, and installed in under a day. Sheets of welded laser cut steel are unfolded and composed into a fully-furnished urban living unit on the street. The steel is brightly painted and the rough edges are prepared for the safe occupation of visitors.

Come sit at the FLATPARK table and take in the common curiosities while you contemplate a future of tiny living, especially as it relates to the size of a car. Cozy up, coffee is on!

Photographs by Ben Rahn/A-Frame

Photograph by Stephanie Kovala